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Ostrich-shaped palette

Predynastic period, IV Mill. B.C.

Elephant-shaped palette

Predynastic period, IV Mill. B.C.

Fish-shaped palette

Predynastic period, IV Mill. B.C.

Dish with a hunting-scene

Predynastic period, IV Mill. B.C., Naqada I

Vessel with handles and painted boats

Predynastic period, IV Mill. B.C., Naqada II

Stela of Henenu, the great overseer under the kings Mentuhotep I and II

Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 11, ca. 2100-1970 B.C.

Ointment vessel in the shape of a pregnant woman

New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, ca. 1550 - 1350 B.C.

Coffin of a priestess of the god Amun Ius-ankh

Third Intermediate Period, Dynasty 21, 1070/1069–946/945 B.C.

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