26.05.2016 – 30.09.2016

Prince Golitsyn Family Estate

Spaces of Russian Video Art

07.07.2016 – 10.09.2016

Prince Golitsyn Family Estate

The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts presents ‘Spaces of Russian Video Art’, a program within the exhibition ‘House of Impressions. Classic and Contemporary Media Art.’

Spaces of Russian Video Art is a continuation of the exhibition at the Golitsyns’ Manor. The program will display videos marking the Year of the Russian Cinema. Today, ‘the modern visual experience is a vast category and it becomes more difficult to determine what is cinema or video art, and what is media art’ (film critic Marko Müller). Interesting phenomena exist on the fine line between cinema and contemporary art: the problem of ‘another’ vision. Writers suggest that the line between the real and the virtual is erased and that artists work with the tactility of their art to influence all sensory perceptions.

The program includes works by video artists investigating video language – the art groups Blue Soup and PROVMYZA, and the artists Victor Alimpiev and Evgeny Granilshchikov. Time is interwoven into the video narration, and the technology chosen by the artists becomes the medium that transforms space and narrative to create a mental map – a landscape, memory, consciousness and our inner world.

The artists will have three of their works exhibited, all of which will be presented on loop during the open hours of the exhibition in the lecture hall of the Golitsyns’ Manor.

This is a unique opportunity to see works of outstanding Russian artists on big screen in high definition. Each series of displays is followed by a panel discussion where Russian film experts, cultural anthropologists and Art critics attempt to understand the place of the featured artists in the current art scene and try to place them in the universal art context.


July 7 – 9. ‘Blue Soup’ art group

July 21 – 23. Evgeny Granilshchikov

August 25 – 27. ‘PROVMYZA’ art group

September 8 – 10. Victor Alimpiev

The program “Spaces of Russian Video Art” is a part of the exhibition “House of Impressions. Classic and Contemporary Media Art”. 

Admission by ticket to the exhibition. Admission to discussions by the preliminary registration.


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07.07.2016 – 09.07.2016

The ‘Blue Soup’ art group in cooperation with the ‘XL Gallery’

The Russian group ‘Blue Soup’ works in the field of video art and computer animation. It was created in 1996 by Alexey Dobrov (b. 1975), Daniil Lebedev (b. 1974) and Valery Patkonen (b. 1975). Since 2001, the group works in collaboration with Alexander Lobanov (b. 1975).  Since its creation, the group has gained international recognition as an intellectual phenomenon of contemporary Russian art.

21.07.2016 – 23.07.2016

Evgeny Granilshchikov

Evgeny Granilshchikov (b. 1985) — media artist and independent film director. Granilshchikov works with different media, combining them to create complex but integral projects. Since 2011, he has been producing video installations and experimental short films; he also works with sound and photography. In 2013, he was awarded the Kandinsky Prize in the ‘Young Artists: Project of the Year’ category for his film ‘Positions.’  

25.08.2016 – 27.08.2016

Арт-группа «Провмыза»

08.09.2016 – 10.09.2016

Виктор Алимпиев


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