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Dear friends!

Each year the Museum runs more than 40 exhibitions of which about 5 to 7 are major projects, however, in addition to the exhibition activity the Museum is engaged in the acquisition of new exhibits, restoration and research. All this requires large financial investments. You can also contribute to the development of art and support the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.

Our Foundation will be deeply grateful for any donations because helping us you also become a part of our great deeds in the development of culture and art in Russia!

Donating money to the Museum's Foundation right now you'll realizethat visiting the Museum in the future you'll be also involved in the creation of an exhibition and has contributed to the support of culture.

Every year we'll publish a report on the use of your donations.

The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts expresses its gratitude to all those who are ready to spend their funds for a good cause that makes it possible to the Museum to grow and improve!

Making a donation you join a public donation agreement.

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