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You can find a short description of options, announcements of upcoming events, and an archive of past activities in the section describing the benefits available to Friends of the Pushkin Museum.


Friends of the Pushkin Museum have free access to all Museum halls and exhibitions, including the main building (12 Volkhonka St.), the Gallery of 19th and 20th Century European and American Art (14 Volkhonka St.), and the Department of Private Collections (8 and 10 Volkhonka St.). If there is a line, you can access the main building through porch No. 5 and access other buildings through the public entrance when you present your Friends of the Pushkin Museum card.

Current expositions and exhibitions


Friends of the Pushkin Museum have a priority pass to all “Fridays at the Pushkin Museum” events. The new season will last from the autumn of 2017 until May 2018. Every Friday program is published on the Museum’s official website. All Museum buildings are open until 9 pm on Fridays (with access possible until 8 pm).

Fridays at the Pushkin Museum program


Friends of the Pushkin Museum can visit the main exposition and temporary exhibitions in the morning before the Museum is open to the public. This is a great opportunity to see the most popular exhibitions. The Museum can be quite crowded during regular opening hours, but Friends of the Pushkin Museum can take their time quietly examining the exhibits in the morning. Morning visits are held once per month on Tuesdays, 10-11 am. Dates are announced on the Friends of the Pushkin Museum web page, as well as in the newsletter, which you will receive by email.

Morning visits in May

Archive of visits


Friends of the Pushkin Museum are invited to special events: concerts, exclusive guided tours, meetings, and lectures. The format and venue of the specific event will determine which categories of card holders receive invitations, as well as the number of Friends of the Pushkin Museum.


Purple, Silver, and Golden Card holders have the opportunity to take a tour of an exhibition with its curator as a guide, which remains one of the most popular benefits available to the Friends of the Pushkin Museum. The tours are guided by scholars of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, as well as by exhibition organizers from other Russian and foreign museums, artists, and architects. To take part in curator-guided tours, please call us at +7 (985) 350-2140 or send an email to friends@arts-museum.ru.


We welcome Silver and Golden Card holders at all Museum exhibition openings. Dates and times of vernissages are published in the monthly newsletter, which you will receive by email, as well as on the Friends of the Pushkin Museum news page.

Attending vernissages does not require tickets or registration – just present your Friends of the Pushkin Museum Silver or Golden Card.


Friends of the Pushkin Museum Silver or Golden Card holders are invited to take part in group educational trips in Russia and abroad. The trips are based on thematic programs developed by Museum workers, and they are related to Museum exhibitions, important cultural events in Russia and around the world, and visits to monuments, museums, private collections, and cultural institutions of different countries. The trips are guided by Museum scholars, as well as by our colleagues from other cities and countries: conservators, art historians, collectors, and artists. Friends of the Pushkin Museum are welcome at the world’s best museums that have similar programs, including the Louvre and the National Gallery in London. You will be able to visit halls, collectors’ houses, and famous residences with restricted access.


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Ivan Tsvetaev Educational Art Museum at Russian State University for the Humanities

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Человек как птица. Образы путешествий


18th-19th Century British Engraving


Restoration of Egyptian burial shroud. II-nd c. AD.


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